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BVN DONOVAN HILL Architect / Interior Design
BUILDCORP Construction

The project required a 5-month turnaround and included highly detailed bespoke joinery. Arris worked off design concept drawings which needed widespread design development and complete shop drawing resolution. We provided extensive design and construction solutions, collaborating heavily with BVN to develop workable results.

Extensive value management options were also required for this project to reduce the original tender sum by $1 million to meet budget constraints. We successfully delivered these options without compromising on BVN’s design concept and aesthetic.

Scope of work included; book shelves, desks of varying sizes and types with bespoke metal legs and marmoleum tops each with a detailed solid timber edge, bespoke and highly detailed solid timber and glass angled cabinets, staff and back of house kitchenettes, acoustic wall panelling with angled shield cut mesh, lecterns with mesh detailing, solid timber atrium, complete offices (bookcases, desks, acoustic panelling, shield cut mesh and intricate ceiling detailing), solid timber perimeter desks and balustrades, whiteboards, solid timber seating with metal legs and leather cushions, reception and front of house desks, cubby seating with integrated bookshelves and lighting.

UQ Forgan Smith

This is the second project where we have asked Arris to help deliver our vision. At Forgan Smith, Arris worked with us to develop our conceptual and detail ideas - and under significant deadline pressures - have produced highly refined joinery critical to the project’s success. I look forward to the opportunity to work with Arris in the future.

Lucas Leo
Associate BVN Donvan Hill

UQ Forgan Smith
UQ Forgan Smith UQ Forgan Smith